The first FINITE online discussion of the year is coming up soon!

Marketing attribution for B2B tech marketers

Date and time: 17th March 16.00 – 16.50 GMT / 12.00 ET / 09.00 PT 

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Last year, we released a research report diving into the trends and challenges of B2B tech marketers in 2021. We found that a whopping 39.6% of B2B tech marketers think ‘measuring the right KPI’s’ will be their biggest challenge this year.

Do you feel the same? If so, don’t fret, FINITE discussion is here!

The following discussion will provide a practical take on marketing attribution: exploring the when, where and how of B2B marketing attribution best practice from the perspective of both a MarTech vendor and an experienced VP marketing.

We will dive into attribution reporting, key attribution models and the scenarios in which to use them. The online discussion will also explore common challenges of B2B marketing attribution and their solutions.

Here’s the full agenda:

16.00 Introduction from Alex Price Founder FINITE   

16.05 Case study one

Improve your marketing attribution reporting and address key challenges 

  • Define marketing attribution 
  • Discuss what an ideal ROI attribution might look like 
  • Best attribution reporting for your team and in relation to overall objectives 
  • Understand how best to attribute when several campaigns are running 
  • Identify the best tools to improve your B2B tech marketing data and analytics function

Ian Leadbetter – Director, Ruler Analytics 

16.25 Case study two

Pick the right marketing attribution model for you 

  • Limitations of attribution models and why trying to attribute 100% of what you do could be detrimental!
  • An overview of the traditional first and last interaction attribution models 
  • The linear and time-decay attribution models
  • The U-shape attribution
  • Moving towards custom attribution models
  • Key attribution model examples

Jessica Dahan – VP Global Marketing, Userlane 

16.45 End of the online discussion

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