As always, we’re excited to announce our next webinar! Demand generation for B2B tech marketers.

The webinar will take place at 11.00am BST on the 30th of June 2020

Demand generation is a key part of driving growth for B2B technology companies. In this webinar we will begin with two case studies, the first focused on how to build a demand generation strategy from scratch, while the second will address the impact of COVID-19 on the demand generation function. In the second half we will have a panel discussion, focused on the modern Demand Generation role, channels, trends, challenges, and the rise of data and technology.

Speaker profiles:

Quoc Dang, Head of Marketing, Unravel Data 

Clemens Deimann, Head of Marketing with Fast-Growth B2B SaaS Companies

Raquel Villacana, Head of Marketing & Demand Generation, Large Format Business, HP 

Tom Whiley, Head of Demand Generation, e-day Absence Management 

Michael O’Keeffe, Demand Generation Manager, Permutive 


11.00 Introduction from Alex Price Founder FINITE   

11.10 Case study: Build a demand generation engine from scratch

  • Outline key components for a successful demand generation strategy
  • Implemented performance management measures: KPI dashboards, campaign measurement & weekly team sprint meetings
  • Discuss new lead generation programs: automated lead nurturing, web live chat, customer referral schemes, and others
  • How to measure success: What metrics do you take into account when determining the success of your strategy?
  • Identify and overcome possible challenges when looking to build a demand generation engine from scratch

Tom Whiley 
Head of Demand Generation 
e-day Absence Management 

11.30 Case study: Demand Generation in 2020 – Covid Response or Natural Evolution?

  • Describe your approach to demand generation during the COVID-19 situation. How has COVID-19 impacted your approach?
  • Should you be focusing on top of funnel or bottom of funnel during COVID-19?
  • Techniques within demand generation that have worked well, (and others that may have not worked so well!) during COVID-19
  • How does your demand generation strategy shift post the lockdown period? Will this impact the budget? (if so, how?)
  • Identify the practical steps you can take now to prepare for a shift in strategy post COVID-19

Clemens Deimann
Head of Marketing
Fast-Growth B2B SaaS Companies

11.50 Panel Discussion: Deep dive into demand generation for the B2B tech marketer

  • Define the boundaries of demand generation for the B2B tech marketer
  • Build demand generation in an uncertain reality: COVID-19 
  • Identify key metrics and utilise data as part of a demand generation strategy 
  • Align demand generation within the broader business 
  • Share experience as a B2B tech marketer in demand generation, tips, & future outlook


Quoc Dang
Head of Marketing 
Unravel Data 

Michael O’Keeffe
Demand Generation Manager 

Raquel Villacana
Head of Marketing & Demand Generation, Large Format Business


Alex Price

12.35 End of webinar

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