As the lockdown continues, so does our webinar series! This time, we had a fantastic line-up of marketing automation specialists from B2B tech companies join us for an in depth hour discussion.

Here’s what happened:

As 18.00 approached, our speakers tuned into the panel and dived straight into the discussion around marketing automation. On the panel we had Praveen Raj Ravichandran a Senior Marketing Automation Specialist at Medtronic, Dominik Elmiger, Head of Marketing at Ably Realtime & a CIM examiner, and James Campbell, Director at Nebula Consulting. The panel was moderated by Alex Price, Founder & MD of FINITE.

Where throughout the hour we covered the following topics:

  • Getting started with marketing automation: unlocking budget & getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Implementing marketing automation: forecasting costs, migration between platforms and segmentations at different sizes of database 
  • ‘It’s not just about technology’: Lead flow and customer journeys, team size/structure, content as the fuel for your marketing automation engine 
  • Sales & marketing alignment

Again, we’d like to say huge thanks to our speakers! It was a very interesting, and exciting webinar!

To catch-up on the full webinar free, or get access to our previous recordings, apply for a FINITE membership, and give us a shout for the webinar link!