Each year, we ask our FINITE members to fill in a survey about how their B2B tech marketing has gone in the past 12 months, what it looks like now, and where they think it will go in the next year.

With these responses, we were able to get a wide-lens view of B2B marketing trends in tech & SaaS, and the findings of this year’s report are fascinating.

We found out how B2B marketing teams did in 2021, how they feel about the coming year, what they have planned and the challenges they think they’ll face. These findings can help guide other B2B tech marketers in their strategies, to ensure they’re on the right track and can make informed decisions with regards to the state of the industry and their peers.

The report covers:

  • What B2B tech marketing team structures will look like in 2022
  • Whether budgets are rising or falling
  • Chosen channels and tactics like ABM, brand and events
  • Comments from marketing leaders in fast growth B2B tech and SaaS companies, who shared their insights and expert opinions on the results

Read the full report on 93x.agency

We’d like to thank our amazing FINITE members for participating in our annual survey, as well as our sponsor 93x, without which FINITE wouldn’t be possible.