FINITE Fest is the free one day virtual conference covering B2B tech marketing trends. Hundreds of B2B tech marketers tuned in on the 13th May 2021 to watch 32 leading marketers speak over 12 sessions. 

At Rory Sutherland’s session, we heard about the psychology of B2B decision making. This includes the avoidance of ambiguity and risk and its impact on no decisions. 

Rory covered: 

  • How do biases affect B2B purchases?  
  • What biases exist in B2B? 
  • The status of B2B marketing and persuasion 
  • How the social norm affects B2B buyers
  • Risk aversion in B2B
  • What digital B2B marketing shouldn’t be 
  • What digital B2B marketing should be 
  • Why we should use both new and old B2B marketing methods  

Thank you to Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy for this insightful presentation. 

Rory Sutherland on the psychology of B2B biases

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We’ve produced a podcast with Rory on The B2B Marketing Objectivity Trap as well as more episodes on the psychology of emotion in B2B marketing and more broadly the psychology of marketing.