Salesforce+ is the new Netflix-style B2B content platform from Salesforce. It hosts high-quality, full length episodes, and redefines how B2B content has ever been thought of before.

On this FINITE Podcast episode, we got the inside scoop as to why it has been made and how, with the VP and CMO, APAC at Salesforce, Leandro Perez.

Leandro shares his thoughts on the importance of production quality, the use of other platforms like YouTube, and the future of B2B content.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Leandro’s background in B2B tech marketing 
  • Leandro’s background in leading Dreamforce and how that shaped Salesforce+
  • The events that lead to Salesforce+
  • What Salesforce+ is 
  • The importance of production quality for B2B content 
  • How Salesforce+ sits alongside other content platforms like YouTube
  • What the future of B2B content will look like

Find the full episode here:

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