Do you have your eyes on a seat at the executive table?

As marketing earns increasing credibility and budget within B2B organisations, CMOs are fundamental to business success. 

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, we sat down with Juliette Kopecky, CMO at LinkSquares – an end-to-end contract lifecycle management powered by AI.

Juliette talks us through her journey from sales at HubSpot to CMO.  Learn how she did it with takeaways you can apply to your own B2B marketing career path.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • About Juliette’s current role and team
  • How much does a formal marketing education help your career? 
  • Moving from B2B sales to product to marketing 
  • The benefits of a non-traditional route into B2B marketing 
  • Making opportunities for yourself within an B2B organisation 
  • Marketing lessons learned from a startup culture 
  • Moving from product to CMO 
  • What’s the first role you should hire in a B2B marketing team? 
  • Should B2B marketers get an MBA?

Find the full episode here:

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