It’s great that you still want to be a part of FINITE! We’ve put together a little roundup of everything that’s been happening at FINITE and what’s coming up soon, so you don’t miss out on a thing.

Who are the other FINITE members?

Since it’s conception, FINITE has grown to over 2200 B2B tech marketers! Our member base spans Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and more!

We’ve got members from SaaS startups to enterprises like SAP, IBM, Cisco and LinkedIn.

What’s been happening at FINITE lately?

FINITE member hangouts!

1. Networking

2. Sharing ideas

3. Chatting about what we love best – B2B tech marketing! 

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FINITE and 93x SEO research inforgraphic

We partnered with The Marketing Practice to offer more insights and opportunities to FINITE members.

And to deliver more great content like this podcast on the behavioural science of ABM.

We released new research that will help guide your SEO strategy, in partnership with B2B tech SEO agency, 93x

– “81% of B2B tech marketers believe SEO has become a more important channel in the last 12 months”

– “Less than half of B2B tech marketers have a defined SEO strategy” 

Read the full report

FINITE B2B marketing podcast image

What’s happening at FINITE next?

We’ve got an online discussion coming up, which will address the silo between brand and performance marketing in B2B tech. Speakers represent top tech companies and fast growth startups: Mastercard, Fiverr, Cognism and Dropbox.

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FINITE online discussion