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The Topic: Personalisation has been seen as the holy grail for marketers for a number of years now.

Yet as our ability to track data sets and internet activity increases, high-profile data breaches and security issues has meant that there is some debate as to whether Personalisation is a good thing, and to what extent is it worth it.

You have the unrelenting, increased demands of the average customer, always expecting better experiences, then conversely, companies still lacking in digital competencies such as even a layered CRM system, leaving them unable to personalise at all, losing out in a big way.

Some companies who are struggling to go beyond basic personalisation, whereas others are going far and above what society currently deems acceptable. B2B marketers are now at an impasse and it’s time to talk at length on this topic in all its guises.

Tonight is all about discussing the state of Personalisation in B2B marketing, with insights from those who work at personalisation platforms, and those utilising them, followed by our customary panel discussion featuring experienced B2B Tech marketers.

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