Richard Maclauchlan is always hired to get things off the ground, such as the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola in his B2C agency days. He pivoted to B2B tech when he led the development of brand and activation for LogMeIn’s portfolio of enterprise SaaS products, including GoToWebinar.

Now, Richard is VP of brand at Workhuman. It probably needs no introduction, but Workhuman is a leading enterprise HR platform where Richard is currently taking an emotion-led approach to brand marketing. 

Listen to this podcast to learn more about Richard’s career shift, how he’s making the end user a central focus at Workhuman and why you should think about emotion in your own B2B marketing strategy. 

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Moving from B2C to B2B marketing
  • The state of brand in B2B tech at the moment
  • Optimising for the end user rather than the decision maker
  • Can purpose-led marketing pose risk to a B2B tech org?
  • Implementing experiential B2B marketing
  • Whether a B2B tech company should be product led, process led or tech led 
  • Should B2B tech companies always be emotion-led?

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