On this episode of the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast, you’ll learn more about marketing through an acquisition. The technology landscape moves quickly, with companies being acquired regularly and Jason shares some great tips on marketing during an acquisition based on his first hand experience.

We interview Jason Bradwell to explore this niche and interesting subject. Jason is the Senior Director, Group Product Marketing and Communications at Deltatre, a technology business providing solutions to the sports and entertainment industry.

Jason also runs his own podcast, B2B Better as well as a B2B marketing newsletter that he publishes weekly called B2B Bite. Follow Jason on Twitter at @JasonRBradwell.

Listen to the full episode to learn about:

  • Jason’s experience in marketing through an acquisition
  • When to announce the acquisition to employees
  • When and how to begin marketing a business for acquisition
  • Aligning the two brands from the outset of acquisition
  • How can marketing work with the VC
  • How to explain to the public why the acquisition is happening
  • Two company cultures joining together
  • What to do on day one of the acquisition
  • Phasing out the acquired brand
  • Merging different tools and processes

Find the full episode here:

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