One of the biggest obstacles to great account-based marketing is an unsupportive senior leadership team. Without internal buy-in, young ABM programmes are faced with a lack of cross-functional alignment, low budgets and short timespans to prove effectiveness: limitations that inevitably prove gatekeepers correct.

On this FINITE Podcast episode, Jenna Chambers, Head of EMEA Partnerships at Terminus, shares her advice on gaining internal support to kickstart ABM programmes that see results.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why is it a challenge for many B2B marketers to get internal buy-in to start ABM programmes?
  • What’s the best starting point for ABM?
  • Should ABM be used purely for existing accounts? Or net new ones as well?
  • Should pilots be used to kickstart ABM programmes?
  • How should you define budgets to start an ABM programme?
  • Which teams should be brought in to the ABM journey at the start of a programme?
  • How can a sales team come into play when starting an ABM programme?
  • What metrics should you be measuring to prove the value of a young ABM programme?

Find the full episode here:

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