Again huge thanks to all our speakers who joined on Tuesday and shared their expertise!

We kicked off the webinar with a first case study by Tom Whiley, Head of Demand Generation, at e-days Absence Management giving us an insight into how to build a demand generation function from scratch having previously done so himself at e-days Absence Management.

Tom began by sharing his 7 key components to building a demand generation engine:

  • Live and breathe team values
  • Pain is content
  • Develop killer thought leadership
  • Leverage social proof
  • Deliver kick-ass returns with performance marketing
  • Create demand through the funnel with automation
  • Drive revenue with water-tight reporting

He wrapped up his presentation by sharing his 7 key takeways:

  • Build a winning team mentality
  • Listen to your customers and your sales teams
  • Work with a PR professional
  • Invest in SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Gather reviews!
  • Create demand through the funnel
  • Quality not quantity

Following Tom we had a second presentation from Clemens Deimann, Head of Marketing at Fast-Growth B2B SaaS Companies who focused on Demand Generation in 2020 – Covid Response or Natural Evolution?

Clemens gave his take on the impact COVID-19 is having on demand generation for B2B tech & SaaS companies and the impact of this going forward:

The webinar then dived into a panel discussion, with Quoc Dang, Head of Marketing at Unravel Data, Michael O’Keeffe Demand Generation Manager at Permutive & Raquel Villacana, Head of Marketing & Demand Generation, Large Format Business, HP who addressed questions such as:

  • Defining demand generation within B2B tech marketers and in more detail within specific businesses
  • What are some of the biggest challenges for our panellists right now, both as a result of COVID-19 and more broadly
  • Is the webinar dead? The speakers addressed webinar & digital fatigue – how to combat this and what have been some of the more creative ways to engage the audience: from webinar Yoga to live cocktail making with a barman from NY!
  • Discussing the move away from a MQL’s approach, to one that is more ABM, ‘engaged people’ & ‘individuals’ focused
  • Whats the impact of more data & technology on your reporting, analytics, with a focus on intent data & others
  • The growing importance of the marketing operations role and what that means for different sizes of demand generation teams & the impact of this on the demand generation role
  • Importance of integration between the different tech stacks and the value of keeping it simple

Here is the link Mike mentioned on THE 5 PRINCIPLES Of Growth In B2B Marketing: Empirical Observations on B2B Effectiveness.

Again big thanks to all of our speakers! If you wish to watch it back on demand, apply for a free membership and the details to watch the webinar back will follow.