After a few test runs with the FINITE team internally, at 18.00 on the 31st of March 2020, we live streamed our first webinar: SEO for B2B tech marketers.

Here’s what happened:

The webinar kicked-off with a fantastic presentation from Kerstin, SEO Digital Marketing Manager at Tide. Kerstin’s presented on ‘David vs Goliath: How to succeed as a start-up’. Kerstin addressed SEO challenges for a start-up, such as limited resources in virtue of small teams and budgets, and how to deal with non-existent SEO value, particularly when there is fierce competition from some of the bigger players in the field.

In the second half of the webinar our host Alex, was joined by Simon, Content Marketer at Snowplow Analytics, Nick, Marketing Director at Global App Testing, and Aaron, SEO Manager at Refinitiv to discuss all things SEO for B2B tech marketers.

The panellists began with a discussion on the balance between technical, content and outreach in terms of their SEO approach, and more broadly how ‘content driven’ their individual SEO approaches are.

Aaron, Nick, and Simon also looked at SEO strategy specifically for B2B tech companies, as B2B SEO managers are often focused on more niche, long tail keywords, that might be low volume but high quality and whether this is particularly true for SEO in their B2B tech companies.

The panel addressed the best way to get SEO buy-in from their colleagues and understanding how the rest of the business views SEO, particularly in respect to reporting and analytics.

The panel finished by looking at some of the tools and tech that our speakers use for B2B SEO.

A list of the SEO B2B tools and tech that were mentioned in the webinar and additional member suggestions:

To catch-up on the full webinar free, apply for a FINITE membership, and give us a shout for the webinar link!

This event was made possible by B2B SEO Agency 93x.