June 11, 2020

Webinar: Demand generation for B2B tech marketers

finite demand generation webinar image

As always, we’re excited to announce our next webinar! Demand generation for B2B tech marketers. The webinar will take place at 11.00am BST on the 30th of June 2020 Demand generation is a key part of driving growth for B2B technology companies. In this webinar we will begin with two case studies, the first focused…

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June 1, 2020

Podcast: Build a springboard for lasting growth with Rachel Truair, Director of Global Enterprise Campaigns at Adobe

rachel truair image for podcast

In this FINITE podcast our host Alex sat down with Rachel Truair, Director of Global Enterprise Campaigns at Adobe to discuss the strategies behind building a springboard for lasting growth. The conversation focused on how during a challenging time, such the coronavirus pandemic, marketers can look at the current landscape, think about how they communicate…

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May 29, 2020

Here’s what happened: Marketing automation for B2B tech marketers

FINITE b2b marketing automation

As the lockdown continues, so does our webinar series! This time, we had a fantastic line-up of marketing automation specialists from B2B tech companies join us for an in depth hour discussion. As 18.00 approached, our speakers tuned into the panel and dived straight into the discussion around marketing automation. On the panel we had…

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May 18, 2020

Podcast: Implementing marketing automation with Dominik Elmiger, Head of Marketing at Ably

B2B Marketing Podcast

Dominik Elmiger is Head of Marketing at Ably, a product providing APIs and components for developers to build powerful, reliable, and scalable realtime apps. Dominik has lots of experience implementing marketing automation solutions into different businesses, including HubSpot, Pardot and Marketo. FINITE podcast host Alex Price talked with Dominik about how to approach a marketing…

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May 11, 2020

Webinar: Marketing automation for B2B tech marketers

After our first successfully webinar launch on the 31st of March, were super excited to announce that our second edition is coming to you next week! The key focus this time? Marketing automation! Register here and tune in at 18.00 BST on the 19th of May 2020 for a panel discussion focused on marketing automation…

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May 4, 2020

Podcast: Scaling a word of mouth engine with Oli Bridge, Head of Marketing & Growth at Bonjoro

Oli bridge for FINITE podcast

Oli Bridge is the Head of Marketing & Growth at Bonjoro, a platform that allows businesses to boost customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos. FINITE podcast host Alex Price sat down with Oli to explore his role as Head of Marketing and Growth at Bonjoro. The discussion focused on Oli’s innovative approach to growth, away from the ‘traditional’…

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April 20, 2020

Podcast: Positioning for B2B tech companies in uncertain times with April Dunford

B2B marketing podcast

April Dunford is a positioning consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, board member, angel investor and advisor. Her expertise built on 25 years as an executive in 7 successful startups & 3 global tech giants. April is currently working with B2B technology businesses to help them position innovative products in a way that customers intuitively understand. For this…

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April 14, 2020

Podcast: Optimise the B2B funnel with Nick Roberts, Marketing Director at Global App Testing

nick roberts. marketing director, global app testing for finite

Nick Roberts is the Marketing Director of Global App Testing, an innovative quality assurance and testing platform that brings together humans and technology to provide testing services to websites, apps, and other digital platforms.

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April 6, 2020

Here’s what happened: SEO for B2B tech marketers

finite seo for b2b tech marketers webinar

After a few test runs with the FINITE team internally, at 18.00 on the 31st of March 2020, we live streamed our first webinar: SEO for B2B tech marketers. Here’s what happened: The webinar kicked-off with a fantastic presentation from Kerstin, SEO Digital Marketing Manager at Tide. Kerstin’s presented on ‘David vs Goliath: How to succeed…

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April 2, 2020

Podcast: Scaling a B2B Tech Marketing Team With Guillermo Murga, Director of Marketing at Anvyl

finite b2b podcast head of marketing guillermo

Since the start of the FINITE podcast in 2019, we’ve had inspiring B2B marketing practitioners across the technology industry discuss truly exciting topics and share their pearls of wisdom. From sales & marketing alignment and enablement, to ABM, personalisation, and the value of marketing theory. For this episode, Alex sat down with Guillermo Murga, Director…

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