January 7, 2021

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Building a world-class B2B marketing team

B2B FinTech Interview

A strong marketing team is vital to every B2B business, but how do you ensure your team is built for success? In this edition of the FINITE FinTech Interview Series, we are joined by Mark Cousins, Head of Marketing, Europe at Marqeta. Mark has a wealth of experience in building and leading marketing teams at…

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December 17, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Brand building in a new category

B2B FinTech Marketing Interview

Brand building is an essential part of marketing for any B2B startup, but how do you build brand without the guiding path of an existing category?  In this edition of the FINITE FinTech Interview Series, Michael Fertman, VP of Global Marketing at Apifiny, shares with us his secrets to building brand in a new category….

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December 10, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: The Role of a CMO

B2B tech marketing interview

A CMO is the anchor to a marketing team. They drive ideas, campaigns, and other marketeers forward, with a top-level view for business growth.  In this edition of the FINITE FinTech Interview Series, we had a chat with Andres Botero, CMO at BlackLine. BlackLine is a provider of cloud-based solutions that transform finance and accounting…

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November 26, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Implementing MarTech

FinTech B2B marketing interview

Technology is an unavoidable element in any modern marketing strategy, and for good reason! MarTech is key to operating in a digital marketplace, as it allows marketers to gain consumer insights, automate their processes and reach prospects on a personal level.  In this edition of the FINITE FinTech Interview Series we talked to Sonia Dorais,…

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November 9, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Launching a FinTech Product Into New B2B Markets

FinTech Interview Series

Launching a FinTech product into new B2B markets is an exciting process that requires an ambitious marketing strategy.  Laurel Wolfe, VP of Marketing at Klarna, has plenty of experience in launching FinTech products into new B2B markets with proven success. Laurel gave us incredible insight into how she approaches this task, with reference to her…

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October 28, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Product and Marketing Team Alignment with Courteney Way

B2B Fintech interview

Courteney is the Marketing Director at Funding Options, a technology company that searches the market to help businesses find the right funding options for their situation. Given her experience, Courteney has discussed the challenges and marks of success for aligning a Product team with a Marketing Team. The interview covers: How Product teams and Marketing…

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October 12, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview series: Aligning B2B marketing strategy and company values with Patrick Degenhardt

FinTech Interview

Patrick is the Head of Marketing at Everledger, a B2B technology company helping businesses surface and converge asset information, using a symphony of secure technologies including blockchain, AI, and IoT. In his interview, Patrick shared his breadth of knowledge in aligning company values with a marketing strategy. The interview covers: Practical steps to determine company…

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August 21, 2020

FINITE Interview series: Sales & marketing alignment with Kartik Krishnan

finite interview series text with kartik headshot

The interview covers: Sales and marketing alignment best practice for B2B tech companies – how to ensure a clear flow of information between the two teams. Powerful, practical advice to improve alignment in B2B companies: Run better meetings between sales and marketing teams Involve the Head of Sales in marketing campaigns and the CMO in sales…

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January 31, 2019

Interview with a B2B Marketer: Emma Westley, Consulting CMO

Emma Westley, Consulting CMO

Every month, we ask a Marketer in B2B Tech the questions you may have been asking yourself. We talk today, at Finite with Emma Westley, A Consulting CMO with senior marketer status at Symantec, Hewlett-Packard and Accenture, to name a few. She makes an impassioned plea for more Test & Fail cultures in B2B, the unfair advantage…

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January 4, 2019

Interview with a B2B Marketer: Hannah Voss, Fluidly.

Hannah Voss Fluidly

Every month, we ask a Marketer in B2B Tech the questions you may have been asking yourself. Today, at Finite, we talk to Hannah Voss, Growth Marketing manager at Fluidly, the fast-moving, internationally renowned, cash flow management software. She shares with us how she started out, her technology stack at Fluidly, and why she hates…

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