With over 100 episodes in two years, it’s safe to say the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast is a treasure trove of marketing insights for B2B marketers in tech and SaaS.

The main aim of the series is to provide valuable, tangible advice that listeners can implement in their own strategies as soon as they hear it. Whether that be around channels, upcoming trends or common mistakes, our podcast guests have seen and done it all throughout their impressive B2B marketing careers.

We’ve been asked to point new FINITE members in the direction of our best podcasts. Well we might be biased but we think all our episodes are the best! So looking at the data, we’ve decided to make a list of our most popular in the hope that this means they’re a great first step into the FINITE B2B Marketing Podcast universe.

Please note: The fast-paced nature of B2B tech means that a lot of our guests have moved roles – the episode titles may not reflect their current positions but we have updated where possible.

In no particular order, here are the most popular FINITE B2B Marketing Podcasts yet:

1. Breaking down the term strategy for B2B growth with CMO, Colin Lewis

In the B2B tech world, every marketer wants the best strategy to drive growth. However, most marketers tend to jump straight to the execution side of the operation rather than understanding the overall strategy and objectives.

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, grab a pen and paper and follow Colin Lewis as he shares how to define a B2B marketing strategy by framing the challenge, understanding the objectives, and executing into the market.

For Colin’s full strategic framework, head here.

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2. Behavioural science in ABM with David van Schaick, CMO at The Marketing Practice and Doug Hutton, SVP, Products at Corporate Visions

Should you keep your outreach emails snappy? Or should you give detail and specificity? Should you pour your heart out to your target accounts? Or should you maintain stoic rationality?

All these questions answered and more in this special FINITE Podcast. Our host Alex spoke to David van Schaick, CMO at The Marketing Practice and Doug Hutton, Senior Vice President, Products at Corporate Visions to find out the behavioural science behind successful cold emails for ABM in B2B tech marketing.

Find the full research report here.   

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3. How to build or be a thought leader in B2B tech with Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian

People don’t trust brands anymore, they trust people, especially when making large decisions on behalf of a company. That’s why in B2B marketing thought leadership plays an important role in a content and branding strategy.

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, we hear from Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian. Ashley has plenty of experience choosing and building thought leaders within Atlassian, and on this episode she shares her framework for building profiles and increasing the influence of employees.

Find the full framework here.

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4. Social media for B2B tech marketers with Timo Pelz, VP of Business Marketing at Reddit

Social media is a fundamental marketing channel for B2B tech companies aiming to reach millennials: a demographic that now dominates B2B.

On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, Alex interviews Timo Pelz, VP of Business Marketing at Reddit. Timo has led B2B marketing teams at social media giants like Instagram and Facebook and on this episode, he shares how B2B tech marketers can leverage social media, build communities to nourish trust with audiences and create two-way engagement.

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5. Why your customers are your best marketers with Amanda Malko, CMO at G2

Happy customers are the best way to get new happy customers, according to Amanda Malko, CMO at G2. Research has proven B2B buyer journeys starting with peer-led review platforms can decrease the length of the sales cycle!

On this FINITE Podcast, learn about customer led growth, co-working with your customers and current B2B buyer behaviour. 

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6. Will technology replace marketers? With Julien Decot, Former Snr Director, Marketing Partnerships EMEA at Facebook (currently Director of international BD and strategy, Intuit)

A growing dependency on marketing automation begs the question: Will technology replace marketers?

On this special episode of the FINITE Podcast, you’ll hear from an expert entrenched in the world of marketing technology, Julien Decot.

Julien has an incredible take on the role of technology in B2B marketing, as he thinks optimistically about the opportunities MarTech can bring, and questions a widespread fear that marketers will lose their jobs to bots. He shares how to leverage technology for the greater good of creativity, and gives examples of brands who are using it to their advantage.

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7. Revenue marketing in B2B tech with Aristomenis Capogeannis, Senior Director Enterprise Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA

In B2B tech, sales and marketing departments are often siloed and sometimes even in competition. The umbrella function ‘revenue marketing’ offers a solution. 

On this episode of the FINITE podcast, we spoke with Aristomenis Capogeannis, Senior Director, Enterprise Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA. He shared his story of revenue marketing at SMBs to enterprises, and the importance of aligning marketing data with sales technology. 

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8. How Salesforce+ redefines B2B content with Leandro Perez, VP & CMO, APAC at Salesforce

Salesforce+ is the new Netflix-style B2B content platform from Salesforce. It hosts high-quality, full length episodes, and redefines how B2B content has ever been thought of before.

On this FINITE Podcast episode, we got the inside scoop as to why it has been made and how, with the VP and CMO, APAC at Salesforce, Leandro Perez.

Leandro shares his thoughts on the importance of production quality, the use of other platforms like YouTube, and the future of B2B content.

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9. The case for brand in B2B tech with Jann Schwarz, Snr Director at The B2B Institute

95% of B2B buyers are not in the market for your product or service at any given time. It’s a fact. So why spend your precious B2B tech marketing time and resources on convincing people to buy, instead of making your brand memorable for when they’re ready to?

Learn how to make the case for brand marketing with Jann Schwarz, Snr Director at The B2B Institute, who delivered this new research in partnership with Ehrenberg-Bass.

Find the full research report here.

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10. Moving from startup to scale up with Emma Jessica Knox, Former VP Marketing at HERO (Currently Head of Marketing, North America, Klarna Business)

Marketing the key driver of growth for businesses moving from startup to scale up, there’s no question.

On this FINITE Podcast, we dive into key factors of scaling up, such as getting buy-in from the C-suite, hiring generalist marketing roles and building repeatable processes to make room for creativity.

Our guest Emma Jessica Knox has a wealth of experience in B2B tech startups, scale ups and agencies such as HubSpot, Yieldify and her current role as Head of Marketing, North America, Klarna Business.

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