July 10, 2023

Podcast: Creating buzz for B2B events with Cordula Pfluegl, Marketing Director at TNW

Cordula Pfluegl

This is the first of five incredible podcast episodes from The Next Web Conference, which our Community Manager, Jodi, attended last month to record with some of the brightest marketers at leading tech companies. The episode is with Cordula Pfluegl, Marketing Director at TNW, who shared her secrets as to how she created such a…

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June 26, 2023

Podcast: The future of search in B2B marketing with Kate Cox, CMO at BrightBid

Kate Cox, CMO at BrightBid,  believes the playbook of B2B marketing will stay largely the same as technology advances. Search, as one of our more traditional channels, isn’t going anywhere even as the shape of search marketing changes with new formats and algorithms that impact how users interact with it. Listen to learn her tips for…

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June 12, 2023

Podcast: How to utilise ABM roundtables for B2B SaaS growth

Sarah McCredie

Roundtables are the perfect tactic to add value across the customer lifecycle. You just can’t replicate such quality conversation and deep connections in any other event format. On this FINITE Podcast episode, Sarah McCredie, Director of Product Marketing at Recurly, outlines her approach to roundtables – Who to invite, where to host and what to talk about….

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May 29, 2023

Podcast: Align sales and marketing to ensure the successful repositioning of a B2B SaaS brand

On this podcast episode, learn how Inbar Yagur, Dir. Content and Product Marketing, repositioned Lusha’s brand for better B2B marketing success. To do this, she employed exercises in sales and marketing alignment to bring both teams on board. Throughout their planning phase of the project, she took both teams’ understanding of sales and marketing data to inform their…

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May 15, 2023

Podcast: The Digital Revolution was Just the Beginning: AI is the Future of Marketing with Vince Howard, Senior Fintech and Web3 Marketing Leader

Vince Howard marketing

Vince Howard is a Senior Marketing Leader working in the FinTech and Web3 space. He joins FINITE podcast host Alex Price to tell his story of entering the marketing world, his growth journey to becoming a marketing leader and offers his perspective on how AI may change the marketing landscape. Listen below, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. And once…

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April 17, 2023

Podcast: Building a world class marketing team with Caitlin Allen, VP of Marketing at OpenComp

Caitlin Allen, OpenComp

On this week’s episode, our host Alex Price is joined by Caitlin Allen, VP of Marketing at OpenComp. Listen as they discuss building high performance marketing teams based on Caitlin’s vast experience in the marketing industry working in a variety of B2B businesses and team structures. List below, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. And once you’re done listening,…

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April 3, 2023

Podcast: How marketing & finance can collaborate with Rowan Tonkin, CMO at Planful

Rowan Tonkin

On this week’s episode, our host Alex Price is joined by Rowan Tonkin, CMO at Planful. The topic of conversation is how marketing & finance teams can collaborate to achieve the outcomes that ultimately, everyone wants! We explore the CFO/CMO dynamic, how collaboration can be improved and why it’s more important than ever in today’s market. List below, on…

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March 20, 2023

Podcast: Why product led growth? with Shanee Ben-Zur, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at Crunchbase

Shanee Ben-Zur, Crunchbase

Join FINITE podcast host Alex Price and guest Shanee Ben-Zur, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at Crunchbase as they discuss Shanee’s love of product led growth, how PLG can vary in different companies and what PLG success looks like. List below, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. And once you’re done listening, find more of our B2B marketing podcasts here!

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March 7, 2023

Podcast: Startup to scaleup with Emma Mayer, SVP Marketing at BVNK

Join FINITE podcast host Alex Price and SVP Marketing at BVNK, Emma Mayer, as they discuss the keys to success when building marketing from scratch at a startup and why she enjoys this phase of the B2B tech growth journey so much. List on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Listen to the full episode below, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!…

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February 20, 2023

Podcast: Growing long term demand with Carol Howley, CMO at Exclaimer

Carol Howley, CMO, Exclaimer

Join FINITE podcast host Alex Price and Chief Marketing Officer of Exclaimer, Carol Howley, as they explore how to go about building long term, sustainable demand for a B2B tech brand, with a focus on revenue generation, not just counting leads. List on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Listen to the full episode below, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!…

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