September 2, 2020

Here’s what happened: Content marketing for B2B tech marketers

B2B Marketing Webinar

On the 27th of August, we hosted the 5th edition of our online discussion series. We had a phenomenal panel of female leaders in content marketing within the B2B tech space. To begin, we had a presentation from Yvette Essen, Head of Content and Communications, who described her content marketing strategy at CyberCube. Yvette shared…

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August 24, 2020

Podcast: The C-Suite environment for marketing success with Ashley Gatehouse, CMO at QUANTIQ

Ashley image on the FINITE b2b marketing podcast

Ashley Gatehouse is Chief Marketing Officer at QUANTIQ. On this episode of the FINITE podcast our host Alex Price sits down with Ashley to hear about his experiences navigating the C-Suite as a marketer. This episode covers: Ashley’s marketing career, how he became a CMO, and the structure of the marketing team at QUANTIQ The importance of…

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August 21, 2020

FINITE Interview series: Sales & marketing alignment with Kartik Krishnan

finite interview series text with kartik headshot

The interview covers: Sales and marketing alignment best practice for B2B tech companies – how to ensure a clear flow of information between the two teams. Powerful, practical advice to improve alignment in B2B companies: Run better meetings between sales and marketing teams Involve the Head of Sales in marketing campaigns and the CMO in sales…

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August 20, 2020

August FINITE Forum

B2B marketing event

Alongside our online monthly discussions with fantastic guest speakers, the FINITE Podcast, Slack & FINITE Times, once a month we also host an informal FINITE Forum catch-up call for members. This is a chance for FINITE members to talk through some of their challenges & thoughts around B2B tech marketing currently, and get the opinion…

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August 17, 2020

FINITE Discussion: Content marketing for B2B tech marketers

FINITE feature image for next online discussion on content marketing for b2b tech marketers

Content marketing is a vital part of a successful B2B marketing strategy. So, join us on the 27th of August at 14.00 for a packed hour discussing strategies to identifying key objectives and purpose of content for your B2B company, look at how to use content to build your B2B brand, weigh the impact of…

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August 10, 2020

Podcast: From enterprise to self serve SaaS with Gustaf Stenlund, VP of Growth at Nudge

FINITE B2B marketing podcast

Gustaf Stenlund is VP Growth at Nudge, a smart content dashboard product. Nudge have been on an interesting transition from an enterprise proposition and lengthy sales journey, to a SaaS based self serve model allowing any business to onboard onto the Nudge platform.  Gustaf sat down with FINITE podcast host Alex to explore how this…

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July 30, 2020

Here’s what happened: Sales & marketing alignment for B2B tech marketers

svcreenshot of the panellists at the finite webinar on sales & marketing alignment for b2b tech marketers

On the 28th of July we hosted #4 of our webinar & discussion series. This time, focused on a topic that has come up in most previous webinars & is often the key talking point during the small, roundtable FINITE member discussions: Sales & marketing alignment. So we figured to give the topic the attention…

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July 27, 2020

Podcast: Demand Generation for B2B Tech Growth with Clemens Deimann

B2B Marketing Technology Podcast

In this podcast episode, FINITE host Alex Price talked all things Demand Generation in the world of B2B Tech with Clemens Deimann who has led B2B tech & SaaS demand generation and marketing initiatives across scale ups such as, LinkedIn and has consulted for a number of hyper growth tech companies. This episode covers:…

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July 20, 2020

FINITE Discussion: Sales & marketing alignment for B2B tech marketers

finite july sales & marketing alignment for b2b tech marketers

It’s time for instalment #4 of the FINITE webinar & discussion series: For this episode, we have x2 senior marketing leaders & x2 senior sales leaders talking all things marketing & sales alignment – we’re expecting a little friendly debate on the day! 28th of July at 11.00 BST – save the date! On the…

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July 13, 2020

Podcast: Talking marketing operations with Matthieu Baril, Marketing Operations Manager at Causeway

B2B Marketing Podcast

Matthieu Baril leads marketing operations at Causeway, a technology platform for the construction industry. FINITE podcast host Alex Price sat down with Matthieu for a deep dive into Marketing Operations, exploring Matthieu’s day to day work, tips and tricks and approach to marketing ops at various levels of maturity in B2B technology companies. This episode…

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