December 7, 2020

New research: Predictions for B2B tech marketing in 2021

Research findings infographic

FINITE has released today the findings from a report outlining new research in B2B tech marketing. As the year comes to a close, the report covers reflections on 2020 and predictions for 2021. Those surveyed gave light to their budgets, challenges, channels and trends forecast for the coming year. We found that despite a difficult…

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December 7, 2020

Podcast: From sales to growth marketing with Kristina Finseth, Growth Marketing Lead at Interseller

B2B marketing podcast

Kristina Finseth joins us on the FINITE podcast to talk about her journey from sales in an account executive role, to now leading growth marketing at Interseller. After a year long ‘experiment’ in a sales role that came with lots of learnings, Kristina explains why she is now well placed to head up all demand…

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December 1, 2020

Podcast: The importance of search in the B2B customer experience with John Watton, CMO at Yext

B2B marketing podcast

John Watton is an experienced B2B tech marketer, and currently CMO at Yext, a technology company that transforms the way brands offer search to their customers. Search is an ever more important part of great customer experiences, enabling customers to find what they want quickly and easily, and so FINITE podcast host Alex sat down with John…

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November 26, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Implementing MarTech

FinTech B2B marketing interview

Technology is an unavoidable element in any modern marketing strategy, and for good reason! MarTech is key to operating in a digital marketplace, as it allows marketers to gain consumer insights, automate their processes and reach prospects on a personal level.  In this edition of the FINITE FinTech Interview Series we talked to Sonia Dorais,…

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November 20, 2020

Here’s what happened: ABM for B2B tech marketers

ABM discussion screenshot of panellists

For the FINITE online discussion this month, we gathered some ABM experts in B2B tech firms to discuss all things account-based marketing!  ABM is a hot topic for B2B in 2020, as it’s the perfect fit for lengthy buyer journeys and complex decision making units. It’s been around for decades, but technology and access to…

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November 16, 2020

Podcast: Product-market fit is a broken concept with Rand Fishkin

B2B marketing podcast

Rand Fishkin is the Founder of SparkToro. Previously Founder and CEO of SEO software platform Moz, Rand is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder, as well as the author of Lost and Founder. Rand has observed just how much the startup ecosystem loves to hype the concept of product-market fit, but also seen first hand just…

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November 9, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Launching a FinTech Product Into New B2B Markets

FinTech Interview Series

Launching a FinTech product into new B2B markets is an exciting process that requires an ambitious marketing strategy.  Laurel Wolfe, VP of Marketing at Klarna, has plenty of experience in launching FinTech products into new B2B markets with proven success. Laurel gave us incredible insight into how she approaches this task, with reference to her…

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November 6, 2020

FINITE Discussion: ABM for B2B tech marketers

finite online discussion: abm for b2b tech marketers

We’re super excited to officially announce the next FINITE online discussion topic: ABM for B2B tech marketers! We noticed ABM popping up frequently on the FINITE Slack group, and so decided to make ABM the centre of the discussion this time around.  Date and time: 19th of November, 15.00-15.50 GMT The enterprise B2B tech buyer journey has…

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November 2, 2020

Podcast: The importance of trust in B2B marketing with Nick Harley, VP of Growth at Raygun

B2B tech marketing podcast

FINITE founder Alex sits down with Nick to talk about the importance of trust in B2B marketing, particularly when marketing to technical stakeholders such as CTOs or developers. Nick Harley is VP of Growth at Raygun, an application performance monitoring solution enabling development teams to build high performance software. This episode covers:  Nick’s background in marketing and the…

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October 28, 2020

FINITE FinTech Interview Series: Product and Marketing Team Alignment with Courteney Way

B2B Fintech interview

Courteney is the Marketing Director at Funding Options, a technology company that searches the market to help businesses find the right funding options for their situation. Given her experience, Courteney has discussed the challenges and marks of success for aligning a Product team with a Marketing Team. The interview covers: How Product teams and Marketing…

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